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The Finance and Investment Cell of Aryabhatta College is a student body which was initiated in 2017, with a vision to promote knowledge-sharing among students on matters of finance, economics and geopolitics.

With a strong belief that good knowledge about matters concerning finance and its management are crucial in determining the success of an individual. We at FIC Aryabhatta, work together to achieve a better financial understanding while learning about its effective management.

We, a team of 100+ like minded individuals, with a passion to promote a mature financial understanding amongst people, dream of a financially literate and independent India. Through our constant efforts, we strive to make this dream a reality and thus, organise various fests and events at national level. 

From speaker sessions to group discussions and from application based stimulative competitions to fun filled activities, we host a multitude of events, providing innumerable opportunities to gain knowledge.

Rigorous research sessions, monthly campaigns, social projects, national and international group discussions, newsletters and speaker sessions are some activities that define the Cell and its members.

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Aryabhatta College came into existence from the academic session 2014-15. It is an institution directly maintained by the University of Delhi. The college was formerly known as Ram Lal Anand College (Evening) and was established in 1973. The college is located adjacent to the South Campus of the University of Delhi in the picturesque surroundings of the South Delhi section of the Aravali ranges.

Aryabhatta college

Principal's Note

I warmly welcome everyone to Aryabhatta College. Our college is a co-educational institution, founded in 1973, and formerly functional as Ram Lal Anand College (Evening). Adjacent to the South campus of the University of Delhi, we are located against the scenic backdrop of the Aravalli Range.

We at Aryabhatta, in addition to our focus on providing quality education at the undergraduate level, stand for inclusive growth and believe in providing ample opportunities to our students to assist them in discovering their potential appropriately. As a value-based institution we are dedicated towards inculcating, in all our students, a desire to evolve into responsible social beings.

Principal's note
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Dr. Pritika Dua

JK sir.jpg

Dr. J. K. Singh


Prof. Manoj Sinha





Shubh Chopra

A resilient leader, whose core holds the valuable efforts his teammates put in. His sheer grit bounds you with optimism.


Vice President

Preksha Aggarwal

An inspiration to many, Preksha exceeds the expectations with her sense of responsibility. Her wide smile tackles it all.


Strategic Director

Akshit Gupta

An epitome of professionalism, Akshit's witty and competitive nature gives new wings to the cell and an edge over others.

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Public Relations Head

Satvik Aggarwal

Satvik's attitude of never losing calm and taking upon challenges. His sense of humour even in the most tensed environment is the main highlight about his ethic.


Public Relations Head

Stuti Kesharwani

Stuti is the charm which binds the team together. But when she gets into her work mode, she gets even the biggest of the tasks done flawlessly.

Ansh Kapoor.png

Project Head

Ansh Kapoor

Ansh never fails to create an impact in whatever he gets into, his can-do attitude is the reflection of what kind of teamplayer he is.

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Research Head

Sahej Verma

Sahej never ceases to amaze everyone around him, he's a financial juggernaut, a history buff, a philosophy buff, and perhaps any other kind of buff one can think of.

Aryan Aggarwal.png

Design & Technical Head

Aryan Aggarwal

It is next to impossible to find someone so adroit yet modest at the same time as Aryan. It is therapeutic to see Aryan embrace his creativity.


Design & Technical Head

Garv Gupta

Garv knows the power of hit and trial and always makes the best of nothing. His brain starts functioning where others' get weary.

team FIC pics.png

Editor in Chief

Triguna Jain

Triguna is the silent master worker of the team. She might fret on the dance floor, but you can have the best conversations with Triguna. 


Editor in Chief

Anant Aggarwal

Anant is always keen on learning new things and his inquisitive nature acts as a driving factor for others to improve their performance.



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