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Euphony, the annual fest of Finance and investment Cell of Aryabhatta College incorporated dynamic finance related events inviting over 1500 students to participate and increase their knowledge to some extent in diversified fields. The event was a grand success conducting 3 main competitions pertaining to different fields and catering to each type of audience. There were some mini games organized to entertain the students in the college campus.




Euphony'18 is here with MoGamble (Masala on Gamble): A mock stock never experienced before! Be the purchase managers for restaurants and enter a market of spices and trade in the ingredients to complete your menu for the restaurant! All you need to do is.. Minimise Cost!
In three simple rounds:
1. Screening
2. Bidding
3. Outcry

Experience real commodities markets! Enjoy Trading like never before!

Financial Quotient

“How did I escape? With difficulty. How did I plan this moment? With pleasure.”
- Alexandre Dumas

In this event, players would get a chance to experience what it takes to think, feel and actually be a prisoner. Prisoners are to overcome all the traps laid down by the Prison Warden to achieve their freedom. This struggle is of full of lies, deception and logistical thinking, the Prisoners would need to acquire new skills and equipment on different rounds to finally get hold of the master key of this Prison to achieve their freedom.


Crisis Management


Some heroes don't wear capes these are the people solving the country's crisis and keeping it safe from a meltdown. They might not be popular but they are definitely needed. Euphony'18 brings the Crisis Management event where you are put in the middle of the crisis of the country you represent and now it's up to you to bring the country out of this pickle. Prepare a strategy and debate it out.. The qualifying teams have to go through the last round of a rapid-fire quiz testing your general knowledge at an extraordinary level.

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