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Euphony, the annual fest of Finance and investment Cell of Aryabhatta College incorporated dynamic finance related events inviting over 1500 students to participate and increase their knowledge to some extent in diversified fields. The event was a grand success conducting 3 main competitions pertaining to different fields and catering to each type of audience. There were some mini games organized to entertain the students in the college campus.


The Beta Effect

"Buy not on optimism, but on arithmetic"
The Finance and Investment, Aryabhatta College presents "The Beta Effect". If you have sound financial knowledge, a knack of picking the right Investments and the ability to manage your funds then this event is surely for you. Juggle your way through various rounds of twist and turns to conjure the largest portfolio.

Financial Quotient

The final quotient an innovative and alluring quiz of several rounds. You! Yes you are the most suited and sought after person because you know all the financial things under the sun. You will be grilled with some exciting questions, so dare not to miss the tremendous opportunity

The Dugout

"Cricket is very simple. You play till you can sustain."🏏If YOU have cricket running down your veins and manage your finances well, Here’s YOUR chance to prove to be the best among all. FIC, Aryabhatta College brings to YOU its Flagship Event a FIRST-OF-A-KIND auction with the perfect essence of stock market simulation

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