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Interview by:    Karsh Vashisht

                              Sarthak Malhotra

Report by:        Ashwin Kalra

Arvind Mayaram, a renowned economist and a pinnacle in the field of finance, had given an appearance in our conclave and made this online session a remarkable one for our viewers. Dr. Arvind Mayaram sir was questioned with several mind-numbing questions by the interviewers as well as the audience and he answered all the answers patiently in detail and made this session more engaging.


At first, he was asked to guide the young minds who are planning to become an IAS officer. He said that the first step should be to self introspect. Secondly, he also told us how the post not only brings power but also several responsibilities with it. He quoted, "Power is like a car, if you drive good it will lead you to a beautiful destination and if you are misusing it the car may crash." He explained the role of IAS officer in such an amazing way that all the viewers were awestruck and were applauding in the comment section. Moreover, he also adorned the meet with his insightful thoughts towards innovation. This remarkable economist said, "Innovation requires Freedom."


He told how in Rajasthan, the MSME Act gave complete freedom to the innovators. Now in Rajasthan, MSME requires no prior approval from any government authority. This policy assisted Rajasthan to move a step ahead in the innovation index. Moreover, he also answered several other questions of audience. He told how due to the collaboration of both bureaucrats and politicians, our nation is one of the largest democracies and also one of the widely economically emerging nations. Several questions regarding rise in the price of gold and petroleum were also answered by him professionally. His words of wisdom encouraged the viewers and also assisted them to gain a great insight in Indian Economy.

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