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Interviewers:  Karsh Vashisht

                            Piyush Pandey

Report By:      Ayush Soni

Mr. Federico Salas is currently the ambassador of Mexico to India. Before this, he was the permanent representative of Mexico to UNESCO. He added a feather in a cap of the event by marking his presence at FINOMENA.


Firstly, he talked about the economic relationship between India and Mexico. As India is among the top trading partners of Mexico, he seems to be very optimistic about how India is doing remarkable in the medical sector by providing vaccines to neighbouring countries. He is very influenced by the Indian startup ecosystem and how the Indian government urges the youth talent by launching startup India.


He appreciated the work of India in the space and how we are going to bring enormous investments. He also talked about climate change and the role of developed and developing countries in reversing it. He believes that the solutions of climate change are in the hand of developed countries. His optimistic personality influenced many viewers to think positively and achieve success in life.

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