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Interview by:    Tanya Srivastava
                              Sufiya Salim

Report by:        Manya Monga

Ms Meenakshi Lekhi began her address by explaining the plethora of responsibilities that she, as an MP, has to fulfil. She then proceeded to tell her experience of the lockdown days. She expressed her desire to write a book about her Covid-19 experience and how it changed her. She told how the Central Government is ultimately responsible to help all the states. Meenakshi Lekhi was responsible to the people of her province as their representative.
During the lockdown period, she ensured the availability of food for all the people. People from Bengal were somehow trapped in the area under her judiciary. She ensured the availability of clean cooked food for more than 250 families. She believes that no person in her constituency should sleep hungry. She is very proud of Indian citizens. She believes that although Indians don't get the due credit for what they do, she hasn't seen a community as helpful and giving as the Indian community. She explained the steps taken by her during the lockdown period.
Her team sanitized each and every road under her jurisdiction. They also developed an app where doctors were available for consultation at a very nominal cost. Engineers from her team made robots that are available in lakhs for less than Rs. 50,000 to help the doctors in hospitals. At last, she praised Indians by mentioning that they are techno-savvy, very intelligent and have a heart of gold. She closed her speech by asking the students to help each other without discriminating and living together as one community.

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