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Interview by:    Sahej Kapoor

                              Aman Jha

Report by:        Vidhi Khanna

Ms. Mitali Nikore, the founder of Nikore Associates, started the session with the question of the impact of Covid-19 in our lives, consumer demand and whether we can go back to pre-covid business situations or not. She talked about the way the pandemic has affected our economy through the data she presented. She discussed the economic impact and demand-supply disruptions due to Covid-19. Mitali ma'am also emphasised on more investment in healthcare infrastructure. She talked about India's GDP growth rate projections by different institutions such as the World Bank, OECD etc. The sectoral, households, and MSME impacts were also covered by her in the session.


Later she addressed the questions in a very insightful way. "The economists who advise government and international agencies are like soldiers in the crises", she said. Moreover, she shared her views on the Asian Development Bank and its impact on India as well as China and Japan.


Ms. Mitali Nikore ended the session with a fruitful opportunity to gain experiences and internships offers at Nikore Associates for the audience.

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