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Interview by:    Khushboo Bansal

                              Parth Jaiswal

Report by:        Mudit 

Sharad Sagar, the founder of Dexterity Global made the event more inspiring and insightful by marking his presence at Finomena. At first, he told us about the importance of leadership in every job and role we play in life and as the event proceeded he told us about the mission of Dexterity Global. His mission is to power the next generation of leaders and reduce the gap between education and leadership in our country. He gave various examples of a great generation of leaders that got us freedom and many big success stories of big corporations. He is highly influenced by the great Swami Vivekananda and shared many lessons he learnt from him.


He further talked about the importance of journey students have in their college and how it plays an important role in one’s life. He told about the 1000Internship program by Dexterity Global in which students joined from every state and UT across India, and answered why he didn’t join Harvard University. He believes that one should always have a clarity of thought.


Few of his best lines from the session were:

"There is no calendar of change, change is incremental."

"Don’t make enemies, understand why someone did not buy your idea."


At the end of the session, he talked about social entrepreneurship and the importance of leadership and education for India.

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