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Interview by:    Khushi Joshi

                              Gautam Chandra

Report by:        Manav Jain​

Sunny Garg, the founder of YourShell, based in North Delhi, has 600 beds for college students to reside. YourShell was acquired by Stanza living. He is now working on a new venture ae! where he helps students who want to become an entrepreneur by bringing their ideas to life. He provides them with solutions for funding, PR, legal aid, etc.


He was the president of the Entrepreneurship Cell of his college and took 4 years to succeed. He believes the pandemic was a necessary gap for all. He aims to generate Rs 25 crore revenue in 2021. He feels if you have a positive outlook and good intention, some positive energy will always help you. He says students should dedicate their 1st year in internships and societies, in 2nd year they should aim for taking a leadership position in society, in 3rd year they should either plan MBA or work on a startup. He thinks that one should do an MBA only when he is clear that want he wants to achieve and pursue. He believes trusting a business partner is important. Many students asked that they want their journey to start with perfection, but he said that a perfectionist can not be an entrepreneur. The most important thing is to start your journey.

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