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Chief Patron: Prof. Manoj Sinha

Convener: Prof. JK Singh

Coordinator: Dr. Pritika Dua

Co-coordinator: Miss Cherry Uppal


DATE: 2nd February 2023

The Finance and Investment cell takes immense pride in delineating that it organised its inaugural GROUP DISCUSSION SESSION under the aegis of its research department on the topic BUDGET 2023-24, ANALYSIS, IMPACT AND THE WAY FORWARD. There couldn't have been a better way to set things in motion than to witness sagacious minds engaged in extensive bouts of deliberation and ideation along with the core members, on a topic that necessarily pertains to the living standards of every individual.

The hour-long event consisted of the team discussing the fiscal, sectoral, financial and monetary implications of the budgetary characteristics and the impact of the proposed policies within the framework. The participants were presented with prompts which required collective discussion and ideation to be mitigated and explained to the audience. The flow proceeded in a round robin format with all participants being allocated sufficient and equitable time on the floor to express their perspectives and display their prolificacy in dabbling with the issues and cases at hand. The event ended with a closing statement from each end and unique solutions being posited by the participants and saw the emergence of Saanvi Bansal (BMS) and Kshitiz Aggarwal (Bcom Hons.) as the best speakers.


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