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The Evolution of Business Etiquette

Nothing speaks louder than the personality of a person especially in business situations. It is imperative for business leaders to have an assertive and calm demeanor as it is pivotal in collaborations, deals with clients. Business etiquette has changed and evolved over the years. It is now more important than ever to know the right etiquette for different situations, such as how to dress and what to say.

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Nowadays, there are many different types of business etiquette rules that people need to follow. With globalization and the advancement of communication technology, it has become increasingly necessary for people to know how to behave in a business setting. Some of the tested and impactful business etiquettes which must be followed in various business situations are-

  • When in doubt, introduce others

Always introduce others in a business meeting if you feel others are not acquainted with some people. Never hesitate in doing so as it makes the ones introduced feel valued and respected irrespective of the profile and level of their job.

  • A handshake is still the professional standard.

A firm handshake clearly indicates that the person is polite, confident and assertive. Usually, people like to initiate professional relationships with confident and polite people. So you see, a firm handshake lays the foundation of a potential professional relationship in future.

  • Always say “Please” and “Thank you.”

People like to associate themselves with respectful, mannered and polite people in both personal and professional contexts. Thus, saying “Please” and “Thank You” often is positively correlated with sound professional relationships of all sorts.

  • Don’t interrupt.

Inorder to be a good speaker, one must be a good listener as well. This holds true in both personal and professional situations. Also, this etiquette gives you an edge over others in business meetings because if one listens attentively, then only they get to know what is the context of the meeting and accordingly they can enhance the value gained from the meeting by sharing their experiences and insights.

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  • Don’t walk into someone’s office unannounced.

One must learn to differentiate between personal and professional mannerism and behavior. Meeting a friend at a short notice is fine but make sure that the same behavior is not repeated when it comes to meeting a professional as everyone has some work commitments and understanding of the same creates a positive impression.

  • Greet everyone

A well-mannered businessman/businesswoman always makes other people feel included and respected. Making others feel good about themselves can be done using simple gestures such as greeting them warmly in a business meeting. From simple actions like these, one can easily earn trust of others which definitely helps in the long run.

  • Give full attention to the one who is speaking

As stated before, it is more important to be a good listener than to be a good speaker especially when it comes to a professional setting. Good listeners always give cues that they are paying attention to what is being said in the meeting. That is where half the job is done as it is easy for good listeners to turn tables in their favor.

  • Dress appropriately

“First impression is the last impression.” A study conducted at oxford university proved that 93% of communication whether interpersonal or professional is determined by sound body language. Appropriate dressing sense enhances quality of communication, thus increasing the impact of what a person has to communicate. It is the presence that makes him/her appear powerful along with their business knowledge and experience.

  • Always remember names of people

A person’s name is the sweetest word to them in any language. Whenever communicating with others, try using their name in the conversation as much as possible. This simple business etiquette will help you win over prospective clients in the most simple and subtle manner possible.

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These were some of the most followed and crucial business etiquettes that should be taken care of in business settings. Adding on further to it, these etiquettes can’t be generalized and be deemed as rigid because they vary as per country and culture. What may be considered as a business etiquette in India may be deemed as rude and inconsiderate in countries having different cultures from us such as the USA or Japan.

Great product quality, and a coherent vision is fine but fostering some basic business etiquettes and soft skills gives you an edge over the competitors. Also, instil the same in your staff as well as it will develop an ecosystem where people are respected and valued.

Also if your business has overseas clients, then don’t hesitate in investing time in comprehending clients who have a different culture. This will pay in the long run and help you develop everlasting professional ties with your clients.

Thus, be mindful of your business etiquettes in important business meetings as along with the product/service, you also present your personality to the prospective client. Thus, win them by your personality because business is not about numbers, it is about people.


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