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Having seen many things in its 150+ years of history, including a failed attempt to assault a U.S. President, January 6th Wednesday 2021 would be marked very differently in the history of CAPITOL as well as in the history of United States of America.

It all started in November 2020 or should I say November 2016 when billionaire real estate tycoon called White House, the official residence of the president of the United States, home defeating Hilary Clinton. President Donald Trump lost to Joe Biden, earlier in November 2020, completing a full circle, I guess we can say it that way. But seems like this outcome didn't go well with Trump himself and even worse with his supporters. Resulting in January 6th incident in US Capitol.

A day in Capitol, which houses the legislative branch of the American Federal Government on January 6th could have been more or less like a normal day; had president Trump would have accepted his defeat of November election and would not have "fueled" his supporters earlier of January 6

On Wednesday , thousands of Trump extremists attacked the Capitol, the seat of American democracy , which result in five deaths. A large string of shocking videos that showed Trump's pumped-up supporters vowing to "hang" Vice-president Mike Pence as he didn't turn the results . Breaking solid glass windows with rods, chasing a Black policeman inside the Capitol, carrying battle gear, trashing furniture and posing in Pelosi's chair were also shown in the clips.

One of the foremost appalling clips was of Trump watching the sacking of the Capitol with cheerful members of the family on multiple TV screens that began with Kimberly Guilfoyle, Donald's Trump Jr's girlfriend, dancing to a pop song and ended with Don Jr doing a countdown to the storming. No one seemed shocked at the unfolding.

As days pass, the massive and terrible costs of the “darkest days” are slowly becoming real to US leaders. Pelosi and many others seem to be shaken, including Trump’s golfing buddy , Senator Lindsey Graham, who declared “enough is enough" after the storming of the capital other republicans are doing vehicle in the dying days of Trump administration after doing to him for 4 years and allowing the party to become the Trump party on Friday Trump was permanently banned from Twitter but critics pointed out that denying him oxygen in the last 10 days hardly matters within minutes she was apparently giving hot takes on LinkedIn and then there is "Parler" the free speech social network where the right wing hangs out. Incidentally the insurrection was planned and promoted on sites like Parler that are loved by conservatives.

In relatively good news Trump finally kind of sort of acknowledged his defeat a day after the assault on the capital and Promised smooth, orderly and seamless transition of power. The walk back was partially an effort to disown what is going to forever be his legacy but it took an insurrection, five lives and many resignations in the white House for him to get here.

The 2.41 minute video of Trump condemning the violence came after the country had been at the mouth of an abyss of a coup like event. Whether he acted because he saw certain political death within the aftermath or because he finally saw the sunshine will remain a mystery.

What's more important is that the legs of American democracy could withstand the assault. But it will be on crutches for a long time. The US Congress continued it should work after the building was secured and drums proud boys escorted out the Congress ratified by dancer victory as lawmakers worked late into the night to officially count the electoral votes. The tally: Biden 306 and Trump 232.

The news that Democrats won both Senate seats from Georgia within the tense runoff elections in bringing the Senate to final balance of 50-50 was lost in the Mayhem. The Senate is effectively under Dem control in case of a tie, because Kamala Harris as a vice president can cast vote . But the margins are razor-thin in Both the house and the senate making Biden's job of executing his agenda much more difficult than the habit talk currently doing the rounds.

The Capitol incident didn't only draw attention in the America only but saw a reaction coming from all across the globe. "Disgraceful scenes in US Congress", in a Twitter post after Trump's supporters stormed the building said by the UK prime minister Boris Johnson.

British interior minister Priti Patel described the violence as "terrible" urging Trump to condemn the scenes within the Washington. She said the events were terrible beyond words and Trump had not failed to de-escalate the violence but had fuelled it.

German chancellor Angela Merkel expressed her anger and sadness. " I regret noticeably that President Trump has not recognized his defeat since November and again yesterday" , she told reporters in Berlin over the pictures from Washington. Trump supporter and his close friend , Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu described the "rampage" as a disgraceful act that has got to be vigorously condemned.

Meanwhile, China with which Trump has had an antagonistic relationship during his term in office of trade, human rights and the Covid-19 pandemic, uses the opportunity to drive home a narrative of American hypocrisy, with state media terming the case as "retribution" for Washington's support for global protest movements.

Trump's Make America Great Again has clearly not given America what it has been seeking at diplomatic table with global allies. Therefore it is very much on the Joe Biden's shoulder who will be taking charge of the office from 20th January, who would have to work very hard to make sure the America could get where it wants to see, amidst growing concern from China in the east.

America can begin the long, hard process of reconciliation if Biden, who projected as the healer- in- chief , build bridges and find bipartisan solutions. But given the the mood of the country, the intense political polarization and therefore the sharpened tendency to denounce the opposite side are unlikely. On the other hand America has shown a capacity to rejuvenate once you least expect it and pass far-sighted legislation just like the New Deal of Social Security, or perhaps the Affordable Healthcare Act after being down in dumps.


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