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Mental Health Session

To help relieve the anxiety and stress caused by the second wave of the Covid pandemic, Finance and Investment Cell, Aryabhatta College organized a live Instagram session with Dr. Priyal Bhatt, a renowned doctor and counselor associated with the Bloom Clinic on the topic "How to combat mental health issues and Anxiety in corona times."

Dr. Priyal is an extensively experienced therapist and has been featured in various national publications such as The Mint.

The session began with a note from our Principal Dr. Manoj Sinha. He expressed his gratitude to Dr. Priyal Bhatt for sparing her valuable time to enlighten us all about the importance of good mental health. He also highlighted the importance of a positive mindset in patients suffering from Covid and how an optimistic approach would help them manage their sickness in a better way.

Following him, our convenor J.K Sir, motivated everyone by giving them hope and thanked Dr. Priyal for gracing the occasion. He conveyed his good wishes to everyone as we proceeded with the session.

Our audience expressed their inner confusion and restlessness through the questions. Problems like overthinking, sleepless nights, coping through personal loss, feeling unproductive, anxiety, stress and loss of hope could be seen in every other question.

Dr. Priyal addressed these doubts of our audience in a very beautiful manner and helped them cope up with this negativity.

While explaining the necessity of taking care of one's mental health before prioritizing other things, she expressed how important it is to "distance" things that provoke negative thoughts.

She highlighted the importance of 'thinking' about all the positive things in one's life and 'thanking' the universe for keeping us in a better position than others.

Dr. Priyal also expressed the importance of enjoying little things in life and extracting positivity from such events. She asked the audience to take a break if necessary, especially from social media to keep the negativity away.

It is understood that journalists and people working for generating leads have to do their work and keep updating people. However, listening to such things repetitively can cause anxiety and stress amongst people. It is important to take a break and help yourselves before helping others.

Discussions with Dr. Priyal proved to be very insightful and motivating as they helped us liberate our minds from the pessimistic environment.

The conversation generated a wave of optimism which was visible when our audience thanked her for such inspiring words.


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