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We all have heard that investment at the right place can prove to be of great help in old age. But where to invest in the most common question that bombards a newbie's mind whenever they are about to invest. Let us start from the very basic to get a clear understanding of how we can ensure a safe and future-proof investment!

What is an investment?

Investment is a process where an individual acquires an asset with the aim of generating more income.

And, Why should one invest money?

In this era of stiff competition where inflation is at its peak, it is extremely important for a person to invest their extra income, in such a way that they get sky-high returns, quickly and without the risk of losing the principal amount.

Now that we know the investment of money at the right place is better than keeping it idle, you must have a question

Which is the best place to invest one's money?

Here we have listed some major investment avenues which not only give huge profits but also are safe if the investment is done strategically.


We all are acquainted with the advertisement with the tagline “MUTUAL FUNDS-SAHI HAI”, but for a layman, the question is what are mutual funds? Explaining in simpler words, a mutual fund is a collective fund, collected by a company from the general public and invested in several other investment avenues like stocks, bonds, or other assets. Each investor in this 'mutual fund' owns shares, which represent a part of these holdings.

A question that arises is, "Is investing in mutual funds really sahi?"

Well, Mutual funds are the investment plan which not only offers diversification but are also managed by professionals who are researching and analyzing current and potential holdings for the collected funds, making it a safe ground to invest. Moreover, mutual funds also provide transparency to investors about underlying securities (stocks, bonds, cash, or a combination of those) that the portfolio holds. Mutual funds also provide liquidity to its investors and can provide cash to investors within a few days from the date of investment which makes it much better than other investment avenues.

Portfolio management by a professional makes mutual funds the safest ground to invest with liquidity facilities. This makes the tagline completely correct because "mutual funds Sahi hai".


“SHARE MARKET ARE SUBJECT TO MARKET RISK” is one of the most heard lines in the advertisements. But, if investing in equity tends to be risky, why should one invest in it? The reason behind it is that no other investment option promises long-term growth as high as equity. What are equity investments? An equity investment is a money that is invested in a company by purchasing shares of that company from the stock market. Shares are typically traded on a stock exchange. How can one invest in equity? To directly invest in equity, one needs to open a Demat account and continue investing on the basis of the risk and reward ratio.

Investment in the equity sector is not everyone’s cup of tea as it is a highly volatile asset class and there is no guarantee of returns. Investing in equity stocks requires a proper evaluation of the stock one is investing in. Also, one should have the patience for the rates to go up and also have strong willpower to cope up with the emotional stress caused at times of unexpected losses. However, if the investor analyzes and researches the stock and invests in a planned and systematic way then this investment will surely give them heavenly returns. So, if you are ready to take the risk then equity is the best place to invest in because “RISK HAI TOH ISHQ HAI”.


“APNA GHAR TO APNA HOTA HAI” is a phrase we have been listening to for a long time. This quote perfectly explains the value of real estate investing. Real estate investment means investing in property. But, investment in real estate needs a large amount, so is it really profitable? Well, investment in real estate will not only secure your future but also will make your portfolio diversified and will increase your assets.

Investment in real estate is clearly safe and profitable. It has been widely observed that from the very past the value of real estate assets is really appreciating. History proves that the longer you hold onto your real estate assets, the more money you will make. Moreover, real estate investments also provide numerous tax advantages with a heavenly liquidity backup. In India, it is a trend to invest in real estate because this not only adds to assets but also provides assistance to the owners on retirement.

Hence, investing in the Real Estate sector is completely profitable in the long run with heavenly returns. Also, real estate proves to be quite helpful during hardships.


Gold has always been a savior, Be it the great depression of 1929 or the coronavirus pandemic of 2020. Gold is not just metal but money, it is a shiny yellow metal that is known for its high prices and value ability. Not only investors but also the greatest economies of the world are dependent on gold and store it in a vault to support the economy during hard times.

Why invest in gold? Investment in gold has always been profitable because it will never go bankrupt. Moreover, it has been observed that investment in gold has always been profitable because gold prices are always soaring high. This year gold prices hit an all-time high. Gold is the most liquid asset which makes it an ideal investment avenue as it can be used in adverse times. Nowadays gold loans are also available which makes it a safe haven to invest.

Hence it is very well said that, if you have funds convert it into gold and then lead a life to a golden path.


The Public Provident Fund is one of the schemes a lot of people turn to. Usually, PPF spans over a period of 15 years. Hence, the impact of compounding of tax-free interest is huge, especially in the later years. Furthermore, since the interest earned and the principal invested are backed by a sovereign guarantee, PPF is a safe investment. PPF is one of the most prevalent forms of investment in India because it provides safety to its investors during retirement.

Hence PPF is one of the safest areas to invest as it promises good returns with minimal risk.

These are a few of the many investment options available. Now it is you who decides the best investment area depending on your needs and personal choices.


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